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The Homestead Journey Begins

As our family began to grow we had many questions as young parents.  Questions such as: is this best for my child?  Can I learn more before I decide?  Is this safe for the long term?  Is this right for our family?  Is there a better way?

When all was said and done, my husband and I decided that yes, there was in fact a better way.  There was an alternative to the modern wisdom society was wrapped up in.  The answer, for us, was a return to the Old Ways of doing things. 

So began our journey to rediscover our foundational roots.  What were the timeless skills and traditions that formed community, stabilized society, and formed many of the great minds and character of the people that built this great nation?

For us, our roots and heritage are from the American South, our beloved Dixie Land.  Dixie is the region where our quest for the answers began as well as the inspiration for the name of our journey.  Join us here.  Welcome to Dixie Living Homestead!

We look forward to your visit.

Michael & Melissa


To rediscover and reconnect with the old ways of learning, living, and growing. To establish more ways of producing and caring for ourselves rather than being dependent on systems.


To share our successes and failures along the way with our children first, as well as others, who are also interested in a life of personal responsibility.


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