human domestication

Tamed or Trapped? Exploring the Unforeseen Consequences of Human Domestication

There are several ways to take back your sovereignty and live with more freedom. Let’s have a little chat about human domestication and do some self-examination to determine whether or not it is time to become ungovernable.

This is not really an original idea at all, but I do want to bring it to the front of your mind today. If you read Animal Farm in high school as I did, then it has been a minute. In Part 1 of this 2-part series, we will make some analogies, draw some conclusions and determine how we got here.

human domestication

What is Domestication?

Animal genetics remain exactly the same whether they are the chickens in your backyard or the chickens that got out of your neighbors yard 3 years ago, reproduced, and now live a completely feral life. Likewise, we share the same genetic code with our grandparents that grew up on farms and homesteads generations ago.

What is the difference then? Domestication. Domestication is a form of mental conditioning. Domestication is what makes that wild jungle chicken learn to come and roost in your coop peacefully each night. Domestication is what makes you completely reliant on what the grocery store makes available for you to purchase and consume as food. You have been domesticated.

How and why has this happened to us as humans? Yes, we are to be civil, but blind compliance is an entirely different matter. Our ability to reason, distinguish right from wrong, and the fact that we are made in the image of our Creator distinguishes us from the animal life we share this planet with but it seems our desire for civility and governmental order has now become our downfall.

No, it is not too late, but action must be taken quickly to remedy our demise. Let’s take a look at how this happens. How do you domesticate a species? Can you domesticate a highly-intelligent creature?

The greatest example of this is how we have domesticated the dog. Our cuddly pet that we share a bed with like a golden retriever, German shepherd, et cetera. If allowed to breed freely and roam the woods, will in just a generation or two become a completely feral and dangerous creature.

How Human Domestication Has Taken Place.

This is not a matter of genetics but rather conditioning. It is dangerous for us as humans, particularly our men and boys to have the wild conditioned out of them. Let’s analyze the domestication of intelligent animal species and make some connections. The first step may literally make your stomach sink as the light bulb comes on.

human domestication

Step One. Separate the offspring from its parents when it is young.

This is a vital step in the domestication process, particularly in the first generation. The youngling must be removed from its wild parent as the instinct would be for the animal to see us as a threat to its offspring and would try to kill us.

If we want to raise pigs in our barnyard we can’t just take a wild sow and put her in a pen with her piglets. She would instinctively try to kill us, the offspring would also see that behavior and likewise attempt to kill us. The wild offspring must be removed from the mother very early and bottle fed by us to begin the domestication process.

When we breed generation two from those bottle fed piglets, we have less likelihood of the sow we bottle fed trying to kill us while we are near her babies. Over time in our domestication and breeding program we would select and cull for more gentle sows and boars. Mainly this is more of an act of mental conditioning of the animals than a genetic predisposition.

Is this not very similar to what we did with the native peoples here in America? Were the children not removed from the reservations and sent to white men schools where they had little to no contact with their tribe and ancestral ways? Yes, sometimes this was accomplished in some truly awful ways.

What about our children in this modern era? How is human domestication accomplished with them? The Pre-K through 12th Grade education system. For the vast majority of a child’s life they are not in the presence of their family and their parents. They are in the presence of other children and (by definition) agents of the State.

This may seem a harsh parallel, but it is an accurate one. Back to our wild pigs. In the first generation, we took the piglet from the sow and bottle fed and raised it ourselves. In the next generation, we can now allow that bottle fed sow to partially raise her young for feeding, but we still create a separation. As we do this, every generation as we go forward will become more and more compliant.

Likewise, would you not tell me that kids today are more compliant and obedient to the state than Gen Xers were as kids? We Gen Xers are still more compliant than our grandfather’s generation who wore a leather jacket and fought in WWII. What about those that fought in the Revolutionary War? Are we not more mentally conditioned and compliant today than the generation of 1776?

Step Two. Supply the young offspring with food.

This is accomplished by bottle feeding and hand feeding. We feed the captive piglet what we want it to eat, placing ourselves as the source of nourishment. We take away the ability of the pig to forage for itself.

Within the captivity of the paddock system I decide when I want the pig to eat, where I want it to eat, how much I want it to eat, and how big I want it to become. I determine what the pig’s life cycle looks like. This captive pig ends up seeing me as its source of food. Without me he cannot eat.

For humans today we call this school lunches and junk food. Because the parallel here is so open and obvious it may be hard to accept. When a junk food system of addictive carbohydrates has been created and you then create a Food Pyramid Guide that you tell humans that they should follow for their health, when placed alongside a bag of cattle feed it looks eerily similar in terms of nutrient disbursement.

junk food

This is exactly what we do with kids in the school lunch system they are placed in. Then we provide them with copious amounts of junk food, market it to them so that they beg Mama Pig to go out and buy them Piggy Pop Cereal. Do you see the similarities here? Is this a planned domestication of our species?

junk food

Step Three. Provide the Captive With a Medicated Existence.

For our pigs on the farm they enjoy pasture rotation. We give them a safe paddock, shelter, and access to clean water. We want this pig completely under our control so that in exactly 7 months this pig is bacon.

For a pig or chicken raised for the modern food system life looks a little different. The process is simple for a chicken we want to eat in 8-12 weeks. They are put in a huge commercial chicken house. Tens of thousands are housed together in this system.

What happens in the commercial chicken house setup? Chickens start to get sick. Many die. Avian flu takes over. In the commercial pig operations a swine flu epidemic breaks out. Oh no!!! What do we do now?

What is the solution when the animals start dying? What do we do when their body parts start rotting off because they are lying in feces on the concrete floor instead of in the grass? We drug them, or course!

We must medicate them so that they can be kept in un-natural conditions. When you want to take domestication to the extreme and produce factory pork, beef, chickens, and the like, you must medicate them. In this un-natural environment, the animal cannot survive or even be remotely comfortable unless they are drugged.

Seventy per cent (70%) of all Americans ages 1-100 are on at least one maintenance prescription medication at the time of this writing. 70% is a huge part of the population!! That is at least one. When we do the research and change the criteria a little we find that over 50% are on two or more. Half the population of this country takes two or more prescription medications every single day of their lives. They will continue to do this until the day they die. How is this normal?!


Is it normal to take 30 kids, cram them into a room where they are told to sit there and shut-up for 8 hours a day? They are expected to do what they are told and listen to things that they don’t care about for 8-9 hours per day. You then give them tests on this information that they know intrinsically that they are never going to care about.

human domestication

Those that are unable to shut-up and do what they are told are given drugs. In fact, they are given a little bit of meth. When you give a little bit of methamphetamine to someone who is acting up, it will actually calm them down. What a great idea, right?

The drug companies’ response to this has been to double down on market growth. When they see that over half the population is only taking one maintenance medication, the goal has been to grow the market to two. How much market growth will it take for them to see society as sufficiently medicated?

We will continue to examine this issue of human domestication as well as explore the solutions in Part Two of this article. Please leave your comments below. Civil discussion is so necessary in these times.

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